Scouting and scavenging for the perfect prop is a thrill for me. Local markets out of or across the country? Bring it on! Backyard sale? Don’t mind if I do! Online retailers? I'm in! If there's something awesome and quirky out there, trust me I'll find it. Objects can be just as dimensional and rich as people, with great stories to tell and memories to be made.

Regardless of where I am, at home, in a studio, or on location, I take with me my vigor for life and drive to make beautiful, funky, and meaningful pieces of art. I am passionate in my belief of keeping the art in commercial art.

When on location I love speaking with the locals to find unique spaces that are indicative of the area. Researching the history and ecology of the area is important to me, and I find it helps to understand what makes the location special, and allows the uniqueness of that place to spill over into the project.

I have a very deep pool of knowledge in many areas of the photo industry. It has been one of my greatest assets when planning and preparing for a shoot. I think it's best to find a cohesion for all team members involved. I have been a studio intern, worked as a photo assistant, stylist assistant, done craft services and been a production assistant. This coupled with my experience art directing, devising creative marketing strategies for clients, and my BFA in photography has given me a very open perspective.

Collaboration feeds my creative drive. I believe, strongly, in collaborating from a place of kindness. Providing support and encouragement for fellow creatives by amplifying their individual perspectives and creative voices is one of my strengths. Each team I work with becomes like a family to me and I love to see each them succeeding in all their personal and professional creative endeavors.
Ask my friends and they would call me adventurous. Ask my coworkers and they will say I'm compassionate and innovative. Ask a stranger and they will say I'm open and friendly. Ask me and I will say “Hi, I'm Sarah.”

Sarah Snapshot: fierce red head, compassionate, animal lover, adventurer, and diplomat. I'm also pretty funny, most of the time.

Clients Include:
General Mills
Way Better Snacks
Rue La La