Sarah Duncan

Scouting and scavenging for the perfect object is a thrill for me. If there's something awesome and quirky out there, trust me I'll find it.

Regardless of where I am, at home, in a studio, or on location, I take with me my vigor for life and drive to make beautiful, funky, and meaningful pieces of art. I believe, very deeply, in the need to keep art in commercial art.

Collaboration feeds my creative drive. I believe in collaborating from a place of kindness. Providing support and encouragement for fellow creatives by amplifying their individual perspectives and creative voices is one of my strengths. Each team I work with becomes like a family to me and I love to see each of us succeeding in our personal and professional creative endeavors.
My friends would call me adventurous. My coworkers say I'm compassionate and innovative. Ask a stranger and they will say I'm open and friendly. Ask me and I will say “Hi, I'm Sarah.”

Sarah Duncan

Photography Stylist

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